MedWorxs Evolution EMR - MedWorxs Evolution is an ONC certified application delivered through the web providing anytime, anywhere access to both Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records. Very easy to set up and use providing real world usability to instantly access  the information you need. Used Nationwide by medical practices of all sizes and specialties we are an excellent choice to replace your current paper chart system or your current EMR as we work the way you work.

AP-Visions, Products and solutions:

xLab: xLab is a cost effective, EMR Ready, Laboratory Information System designed for the Physician Office Laboratory and small rural hospitals/clinics. xlab supports: Multiple workstations - On-line clinical instruments - EMR/EHR/Billing interfaces - Auto generating work list - Full patient demographics & insurance information - Quality control - Full reporting package - Business rules based

xEmrPlus: Why enter demographic date to verity a patient ID or your EMR won't accept results without having an order placed in the EMR. Dramatically improve your clinical  work flow by eliminating costly and error prone data entry. The xEmrPlus solves the problem by providing bi-directional EMR interfacing supporting both orders, results and full test review before releasing to the EMR.

xEmr: is designed to convert the data protocol of a clinical instrument to a standard HL-7 protocol suitable for transmitting results directly to an EMR system including results review.

 AP-URO, AP-Derma, AP-GI: User Friendly software that provides "in office" anatomical pathology solutions tailored for your specialty. They help your office maintain regulatory compliance, improve revenue along with:  Workflow improvement - Fee capturing - Specimen tracking - Reporting


TimeXtender the Data Discovery Hub:
Key components :    With the TimeXtender Data Discovery Hub, there is no need for standalone data preparation and data blending, catalogue, or data quality tools. That’s the beauty of full automation. The hub bridges the business and IT gap, while respecting the business's need for data and adhering to IT governance norms.  Automation Technology enables the hub to deliver data at the speeds of the business.

Data Warehouse Automation:   The DWA engine rapidly deploy and modify data warehouse by automating the process from data retrieval through data transformation to deployment and generation of code to project documentation. Operational Data Store: The ODS does not involve any data manipulation and is as close to real time as possible. The strength to this approach is our ability to connect to the ever-growing and changing types of data. All users have to connect only to the ODS, instead of connecting to raw data, allowing IT data governance. Modern Data Warehouse: In the MDW your data is cleansed, validated and stored. If quality issues arise, or bad data is found, the error is corrected once, for all users. Data is available to the business users in a format that they can understand. Semantic Layer: Whichever Discovery Tool you prefer, we can help you prepare selected data for your applications.


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