Qlik Product Overview:

In the digital era, organizations are quickly realizing that the most important differentiator is how they obtain value from information. In other words, it is their analytic capabilities rather than how they run business processes that will make them successful in the marketplace. An important component of this is empowering employees with easy access to data to support better decisions and propel their organizational goals forward.

Traditional business intelligence (BI) is based on the idea that experts – usually IT – provide the answers to individuals, often in the form of static reports.  In contrast, Qlik® delivers data discovery that empowers everyone to benefit from the opportunity to explore their data and answer new questions as they arise.  Our solutions create an interactive environment that encourages exploration and provide the tools people need to navigate their data and uncover hidden insights.
With Qlik, businesses can drive insight to the edges of their organization, enabling everyone to do their jobs smarter and faster than ever.  We understand that there is a spectrum of technical skills across your organization and our data discovery solutions help you address every user’s needs.
Regardless of which product you choose, you’ll benefit from:
•  Powerful visualizations - Images are a powerful way to grab people’s attention.  But data visualizations are much more than pretty pictures.  Displaying data graphically enables individuals to process vast amounts of information and quickly find relationships, discover outliers, and gain insight not possible with spreadsheets. •  Proven associative data indexing technology - At the core of Qlik is an associative data indexing technology which dynamically calculates results and exposes data relationships. It delivers easy to understand visual cues that can be accessed through simple, intuitive actions including search  and selection. •  Highly interactive experience - Qlik solutions are based on in-memory technology which provides a highly interactive experience for the user.  As individuals make selections or changes, all visualizations and results update immediately.  This allows them to follow new lines of thinking in ways not possible with hierarchical or query-based tools.
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•  Smart Search - Smart Search is an easy to use and powerful way to narrow in  quickly on the precise information that you need.  Qlik products allow users to search the entire data set for multiple keywords, exposing information and relationships in data.  With Smart Search, you don’t need to understand the complexity of the data model to  get insight. •  Mobile - The ability to analyze your data on the go whenever and wherever questions arise empowers individuals to make decisions and move the business forward.  The inherent mobility of Qlik products allow for true interactive discovery, giving people the ability to answer any question, anywhere, anytime. •  Simple data integration - Bringing together multiple disparate data sources provides a more complete picture of your business.  Qlik solutions easily connect to virtually any data source, including file-based sources like Excel, databases, HTML and XML web content, and big data sources like Hadoop, Teradata, and Cloudera.  And, with Direct Discovery, resident big data sources can be integrated in a simple way that retains the associative user experience. •  Enterprise-class governance - Qlik understands what it takes to support the needs of an enterprise IT organization.  We provide the robust set of tools you need to deliver on the hallmarks of a well-run IT service offering including security, scalability, performance, resilience, data governance, and agility.